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Exchange Union Coin: Bridging Digital Currency Exchanges Globally


With a digital financial market with a capital of staggering $ 159 Billion over 800 different crypto currencies, it is extremely difficult to understand the cross-exchange trading, cross-exchange clearing, deposits and withdrawals between different crypto currencies even with the help of user-friendly online trading platforms. Therefore Exchange coin (XUC) aims to ease the current complications and significantly improve crypto currency trading efficiency by integrating all currency exchanges onto a single platform for the everyday trader. This is possible through the management's agreement with various digital currency exchanges making it a viable and trustworthy platform for crypto currency trading. With the help of modern technologies and algorithmic computations, Exchange coin also aims to provide the best price offers between different crypto currencies for liquidity preferences. As the Exchange union penetrates over the multitude of trading platforms, it aims to build an Exchange Union Chain by using the blockchain methodology to provide a clear interconnectivity between all crypto currencies.

Technical process

Here I aim to simplify all the technicalities of the Exchange Union (XUC) for you all to experience extreme ease in the trading process of this coin on a multitude of platforms.
For ease of understanding, I will split the technical process into two steps

1. First Step

Since all platforms do not support every crypto currencies, the need to use multiple exchange platforms for trading becomes an essential requirement. To ease trade between these platforms a universal currency is established in the form of a union called Exchange Union (XUC). To succeed in this goal, XUC will invest in digital currency exchanges around the globe, these investments will be very strategic in nature to build the union with leading exchanges. Through the Union, and XUC investments,  synergies will be developed between all exchanges within the Union.
Forming the communication web between these exchanges, the Exchange Union will establish a system that contains vital information including order books and customer portfolios to prevent any fraudulent activities.
Any communication between the exchanges within the union will be executed through the internet via trustable platforms such as HTTPS/WSS/FIX.
Through the above guidelines if any one user on the Exchange union wishes to perform a transaction involving two exchange platforms, then the amount of the transaction plus the trading fees will be shared between the two platforms bounded by the accords of the Exchange Union and trading will be done through XUC for real time clearing. As there does not exist any exchange with the complete information of various digital currencies, XUC will serve its purpose as a universal coin for multi currency trading.

2. Second Step

Through the investments in multiple crypto currency exchange platforms, the Union will construct its own Exchange Union Chain via developing a unique consensus algorithm for cross platform trading. Using modern blockchain techniques to verify the validity of any exchange the transaction must be approved by at least 80% of the platforms in the union to carry forward after which the trading will be completed. This whole exchange process is promised to be completed in less than a second!


There are three main advantages that you all should know regarding Exchange Union (XUC)
Due to a widespread network with synergies between each cryptocurrency exchange platform, transactions on the Exchange Union Chain are performed at lightning speed with each transaction taking less than one second to be completed, verified and stored.
To perform any transaction, at least 80% of all the exchange platforms on the XUC must approve the activity hence ensuring complete authenticity and detection of every activity on the Chain. This enhances the overall security to a higher level than today's exchanges.
Through investments in all exchange platforms on the XUC, Exchange Union is aware of digital currency exchange rates across each platform, hence it offers the best price between different crypto currencies for liquidity preferences. Furthermore, there is no transaction fee taken from any client on the XUC.


For you all to not miss any important dates regarding this promising crypto currency I have provided all the important dates regarding the Exchange Union Chain above
On 7 August 2017, XUC will reveal its targeted subscription.
On December 2017, XUC will sign an agreement with the first batch of exchanges.
On June 2018, XUC will sign agreements with major exchanges worldwide.
On December 2018, Exchange Union Chain will be implemented.
Hence within a year XUC will establish itself as a major competitor in the cryptocurrency market

XUC Coin Overview

The Exchange Union will issue a total supply of 3 Billion coins with each of its currency based on to of Ethereum and Bitcoin
Due to the Chain platform established, clients of this crypto currency will enjoy all privileges on cross platform exchanges
XUC accepts both Bitcoin and Ethereum where the exchange rates between these currencies are listed below
1 BTC  = 4600 XUC
1 ETH = 380 XUC
Analysing this, it may be said that the value of 1 XUC coin will be near $ 1

Further Information links

I hope that I have satisfied all of your questions regarding the Exchange Union Chain (XUC) Coin with the detailed description above, however, if you need more information about this coin, please visit the links below

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