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Hey, fellow crypto-enthusiasts! Today I’m here to introduce a promising coin which I have mined from the several coins I have seen in the past months. SilentNotary is an application of blockchain technology to a legal perspective where a copy of a legal document, video file, email or any other form of data (e.g. evidence ) is distributed among all the users of the network to verify and record evidence in the most user friendly way which eliminates the possibility of data loss or falsification with the amendment to evidence. This decentralized system for electronic document inspection uses chatbots and smartphone technology to support its digital infrastructure.

Product Description

A smart application of blockchain on the judicial system, SilentNotary presents a unique form cryptocurrency based finance platform by establishing Ethereum based smart contracts. These smart contracts will be seamlessly integrated into the Facebook Messenger platform to record each bit of data exchanged between the parties. SilentNotary has a promising user growth probability as it has integrated itself with Facebook Messenger which had 1.2 Billion in the first quarter of 2017. Thus SilentNotary which aims to gain the traction of 0.0001% of the user's will 1.2 Million users by the end of the year.
The SilentNotary extension is available on both the web and mobile application. On the web interface, the user will drag and drop the file needed to be recorded on the SilentNotary website, where a hash value is created, user confirmation is then required, after which the hash value is stored on the Ethereum blockchain where the file is now shared among every user of the decentralized network. The user will be given a block number to download the file. The chatbot application of SilentNotary has a similar interface functionality.

SNTR Tokens

At the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) SilentNotary will issue its tokens, SNTR, in the amount of 1,000,000,000,000. It has initiated a large number of tokens due to its potentially large user base and a high number of tokens to secure each contract, where only the SNTR token holder will be able to use the services offered by SilentNotary. The quantity of SNTR needed to execute a contract is given by the following formula which I have simplified to its core for you all

# of SNTR for SmartContract = { Rate ETH/USD * Price of Witness (USD) * 20% } / 0.2 ETH

As SilentNotary is aimed to serve the judicial system linked to the world economy, the cost of tokens is determined using fiat currencies, however, the tokens used indicate that all the calculations and procedures are performed in crypto currencies due the high volatility rate of fiat currencies
The SNTR tokens may be gained by any of the two ways mentioned.
1.    By exchanging Ethereum for SNTR tokens during its ICO
2.    Exchange SNTR tokens from its present owners for fiat currencies of free transaction or referring to the main contract which allows the exchange of SNTR tokens at a rate of 0.2 ETH


Unlike other coins of the kind, SilentNotary has a crystal clear strategy which they bound to follow to gain large user base. Initially, SilentNotary intends on establishing a non-profit organization, to allow main legal jurisdictions of a legal system to use the services offered by the platform hence providing a great marketing technique for future users. This process will take 2-3 months After the first phase, SilentNotary aims to establish the Ethereum based smart contracts for technical audit which will take an additional 4-5 months. Finally, after 9-12 months since its token sale and after complete testing, SilentNotary will launch a diverse range of commercial projects.

Token Sale

SilentNotary will launch 1,000,000,000,000 SNTR tokens on its ICO to gain a large user base ecosystem and monetary funds required for the introduction and expansion of its platform for the judicial system in leading jurisdictions of the country
The total funds required to launch the platform is $ 1.75 million of which $583,000 will be used to create the SN Foundation and the rest of the funds will be allocated to the development of the of the service. Accumulatively, the total amount of funds needed to sustain the SN Foundation service is approximately 1000 ETH. At this rate, each SNTR token is worth 0.01 ETH
If the token sale rate reaches 0.2 ETH, the sale of SNTR tokens will be stopped.
The sale of SNTR tokens had initiated on 21 August 2017 and is estimated to last 14 days, however, an extension period of additional 14 days may be added based on the decision taken by the developers. In the case that less than 1000 Ethereum is collected after the token sale, the SNTR sale will be declared void.

Future Advantageous Predictions

As integrating SilentNotary platform with Facebook Messenger will allow the SN Foundation to gain large user base, due to its services which may secure a wide variety of documents including license agreements, public statements, user guides and verbal agreements, it is predicted that SilentNotary will be used in all P2B, P2P and B2B credit systems. Upon SNTR token sale, SN Foundation aims to launch the DebtLock Project to secure the transfer of financial and legal documentations across the web.

Further Information

As only a few days remain to purchase SNTR tokens which may be worth large amounts in the coming times for the legal jurisdictions across the internet, I recommend those interested to buy the SNTR tokens immediately. Furthermore, if you need more information regarding SilentNotary I have posted all of the links to its websites and social media platforms below

White Paper
Bitcoin Talk ANN
Bitcoin Talk Bounty

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