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Target Coin - World's FIRST and ONLY Bonus Paying Closed-End Crypto Fund


Introducing a revolutionary coin in a market which is compatible with the rapid fluctuations using intelligent risk management and capital allocation strategy algorithms. This coin named, Target Coin or TGT Coin provides a transparent process for risk-free investments through sharing profits with token holders rather than investors, unlike other cryptocurrencies. Providing further security to its investors as TGT is built on Ethereum smart contracts.A guaranteed quarterly bonus is promised to the ICO investors. Target coin aims to be leading a total asset fund of $50 million within the next year.


Target Coin is built on an exemplary business model very rarely noticed in currently existing coins. Operating as a Closed-end-fund (CEF), where the liquid assets of the fund are offered as shares to the general public to invest in diverse blockchain tokens to further monetize its assets. By its ICO, on 15th July 2017, TGT will launch 2,000,000,000 coins in the market where 66 % of this amount will be offered to the general public. The opportunity of profiting 85% (remaining amount reserved for TGT as performance fee) on quarterly returns can be availed till 31 August 2017, till the end of Target Coin’s ICO. During this time, TGT will charge an upfront of only 10% of the money raised during the  ICO. WIth an advanced profit sharing mechanism, the quarterly profits made by Target coin will be equally distributed between its token holders based on the fund's NAV. This profit will be distributed within the last 15 days of the quarter. Also, a minimum bonus of -.75% is allocated to investors displayed on the blockchain on the cutoff date. With its intelligent risk management algorithms, every activity is tracked and recorded to ensure equal profit distribution on buy backs with 100% transparency of funds data. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and capital allocation strategy algorithms minimizes the risk per investment ratio through long and short positions, switching between these ends allows TGT to monetize on both price rise and fall. According to plan, TGT aims to convert its portfolio into USDT in the near future. This appealing opportunity to gain profits regardless of market fluctuations remains available only during the token sale period as TGT is operated as a closed-end fund. However, TGT will be accessible on multiple exchanges in the open market to transfer and trade with other coins.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Initiated on the 15th of July, the ICO of Target coin will last for a limited period of time till 31st August 2017. During this time Target Coin will issue two billion coins, of which 1.34 billion coins will be offered to the general public whereas, 260 million coins will be held with the management of the firm and the remaining 400 million coins will be reserved for pre-ICO investors. Of the liquid assets raised during this period, 90% of the amount will be used for the fund whereas the remaining amount will be utilized to manage the portfolio. As mentioned, Target Coin is associated under the Ethereum smart contract, hence its ICO price will be mentioned in terms of ETH, this initial price will be ETH 0.000133( USD 0.04), however, a price will rise with the amounts of tokens purchased. Every TGT Coin ICO token holder will be credited with 0.75% of the quarterly profits.
The upcoming 4 quarterly dates are mentioned below
First quarter- 10th September to 9th December.
Second quarter- 10th December 2017 to 9th March 2018
Third quarter- 10th March 2018 to 9th June 2018.
Fourth quarter- 10th June 2018 to 9th September 2018

Investment Strategy
Following the paths of Bitcoin which had outperformed the DOW Jones industrial average by over 700% in the past two years alone, causing the market cap of the cryptocurrency market to increase from USD 1.5 billion to USD 114 billion, TargetCoin plans to gain a multitude of profits across various risk averted strategies. For over 6 years and continuing, TGT Coin analyses over 800 cryptocurrencies through historical price patterns and technical analyses to run computations to predict future market behavior. Through these years of experience, Target Coin has come to a conclusion that the current blockchain infrastructure resides on both Bitcoin and USDT. Henceforth to hedge market risk, TGT reserves investment in USDT to counter fluctuations in an unstable market in case of a downfall of crypto currencies. This strategy allows TGT to develop a minimal risk investment and returns of over 70-200 % compared to other portfolios like Global Equities and Real Estate Debt that provide a return of 8-30%

Target X

Target Coin not only provides a minimal risk investment but also takes its investors through this process by revealing all its data on its own platform called TargetX. On this online platform, TGT uses modern risk management models and technical analysis of hundreds of cryptocurrencies along with news reports, expert opinions, and market data across diverse industries. A close look is kept for upcoming ICO with excellent monetary potential. TargetX uses artificial intelligence to indicate standard deviations in historical volatility levels to minimize value at risk. Allowing investors control of this platform, TGT allows its investors to backtest different strategies on TargetX before trading in the open market.

Long Term View

Through its risk minimizing capital allocation strategies with the help of modern algorithms and technologies such as Artifical Intelligence, Target Coin is set to become a leader in the cryptocurrency market with a crypto asset fund of over US $500 Million by 2019. This will allow each of its investors a return of nearly 200% on each dollar invested over the coming years.

Further Information Links

I hope that I have satisfied all of your questions regarding the Target Coin (TGT) with the detailed description above, however, if you need more information about this coin, please visit the links below.

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