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Change - The First Decentralysed Crypto Bank


With the advancement of technology in the banking sector, Change is a platform that is aiming to integrate blockchain technology in the global financial industry to initiate technologically advanced banking platforms based on modern-day cryptocurrencies. Not only is Change striving to modernize banking but also improve customer service by the launch of a universal crypto wallet, card payment, and fee structures all based on cryptocurrencies.

Change Token (CAG) Information

To maintain a sustainable position in the global financial market, Change has based its coin on Ethereum, using the renowned ERC 20 standard. An upper limit of 200,000 ETH of initial funding is set for the ICO which upon reached the investment process will automatically end. Immediately after the investment transaction is complete, Smart Contract will process the delivery of Change Tokens (CAG). The CAG token sale period is set exactly one month that will last from September 16, 2017, to October 16, 2017.
Change has set a minimum investment of 0.5 ETH. Also, the exchange rate between CAG to ETH is set to 1 ETH equalling 500 CAG  which seems like a viable and steady initial exchange rate for such a financial platform. However, there are some restrictions as to who can invest in this cryptocurrency. Due to the recent laws sanctioned by the United States, anyone from either Singapore, Estonia or the United States will not be allowed the opportunity to invest in this coin however the Change team is striving to lift these sanctions.

Token Sale information

Upon the Initial coin offering of the Change coin, the token sale structure is distributed in a manner to satisfy the general community, investors and the team of Change. A comparatively large portion of 40% will be offered to the general public, whereas early investors, advisors, and partners of the firm will be allocated with 10% of the tokens. 15% will be reserved for research and development as well as bounties for the community. Another 15% will be reserved for the founding members, team and future employees. The remaining 20% will be kept under the name of Chain sustainability reserve which will help Chain maintain financial sustainability while falling under the community’s scrutiny in future distribution in the global market.


Founded in 2016 in Singapore, with a backing of USD 200,000 Change is on a fast pace to become the first global FinTech marketplace in the global blockchain network by 2018. To not miss out on any potential opportunity regarding Change, I have provided all the important dates regarding the roadmap below
Q1 2017 - Leading FinTech companies join Change in its vision to integrate blockchain with banking.
Q2 2017 - Change will test its BETA platform with over 2000 experts in the financial field.
Q3 2017 - Launch of the Change Token (CAG) through its token sale.
Q1 2018 - Delivery of the first Change crypto cards and the marketplace beta platform launch.

Use of Funds

Change has created an immensely transparent process of information to share the allocation of its funds gained upon its ICO. The monetary gain is distributed among tech, legal, financial and marketing to develop trust in initial investors. 30% of the funding will be used in hiring a team of 35 developers to enhance the capability of the platform integrating cryptocurrency as an official bank. 20% of its funds are allocated under nontechnical manpower to expand the operation of Change from Singapore to worldwide. 20% of the funds are allocated towards marketing, both digital and technical. To facilitate cross-border and cross-platform payments, 5% of ICO funding is allocated which will increase operational efficiency. The remaining 25% is reserved for licensing, integration and partnerships.


The use of Change coin may prove to be extremely fruitful in the both long and short term. One of these advantages are, whenever a user makes an online/offline payment using the change card, the person will receive 0.05% in rebate amount from Change token, this rebate will double is amount is paid using Change Token. Advantages of Change also appear in Holding where 83.33% of the revenues generated using TPSPs (Third Party Service Providers ) are distributed evenly among the Change token holders monthly. 16.77% of the revenue generated by the TPSPs are distributed among the marketplace investors indicating a large gain of profit for the general community on a monthly basis.


In the current global financial market, the collaboration of cryptocurrencies with the banking sector had been a finding of extreme hurdles. However, the revolution Change is bringing through in a short period of time with establishing a bank solely built on cryptocurrency is a catchy opportunity to let go. Also, the initial funding valuations and roadmap suggest a viable success probability of such a coin, therefore, an initial investment of 0.5 ETH satisfies the risk factor involved. I hope through the above information I have provided answers to all your queries, however, if you need more information for investment, please refer to all the links  about Change I have provided below.

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