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Crystal Clear Services (CCS) revolutionary project for everyone


Hello, fellow crypto enthusiasts. Today I’ll be sharing the review of a coin that applies blockchain technology to create a positive change in the way the entire global services industry operates. The founders of Crystal Clear Services (CCS) have over a decade of experience in this global industry and within this time, a major problem has been noticed which seems to hinder progress and growth in this sector of the economy. There appears to be a lack of organization between the labor market in the present, simultaneously the transaction and payment exchange process has no transparency which allows many opportunities for fraudulent activities to occur.  CCS aims to eliminate the middleman involved in the service sector to bridge trust between consumers and service providers as well as ease the process of transactions, performance ratings and overall cost of service. Furthermore, the application of core blockchain technology in recording transactions between both parties, hence making the process transparent, will help restore the trust lacking in the global service sector today. As the global service sector is increasing at an exponential rate of 20% per annum, I analyze that there is a great need for such a platform in the future times with immense growth opportunities and return on investments.


Currently, only 18% of the global services population is using online technology for its core operations. Although with modern technologies this number is increasing at an exponential rate of 20% every year. With such a growth the frenzy caused by a lack of organization in the service industry, the need of Crystal Clear seems imminent. The CCS platform supports businesses ranging from general public to big corporations and government contracts.
The core features of this system allow it a pivotal advantage in competition against other similar platforms. Initially, the use of blockchain technology to promote self-regulation and decentralize the information collected eliminates any possibility of fraud and increases trust between parties by the transparency of information. Revenue sources of the platform are not limited to buying and selling services but a system of bonuses and awards are also included upon participating in court, recommendations and leaving feedback. CCS includes the Escrow system through which any dispute would be resolved with a panel of administrators selected by the board, this ensures a just and under observation transaction process. A global blacklist system is also a technological advantage on the platform that restricts any member with past fraudulent activities, or potential activity in the future to leave the platform for utmost security.
Perhaps the best feature of the Crystal Clear Services platform is its InterPlanetary File System. This system sends all the information on the platform to IPFS system where the data is hashed and stored, the hash code is then shared on the blockchain to ensure complete unanimity among each user of the blockchain network.
The user gets all these features on the platform with only an industry leading 1% transaction fee,


For you all to not miss any important dates and gain maximum advantage of the CCS Initial coin offering, I have provided all important dates of the roadmap below
September 2017 - ICO financing
December 2017  - BETA release of mobile app
May 2018 - Initiate the platform on the global market
June 2018 - Global marketing campaign run

Token Information

All transactions on the Crystal Clear Services platform will take place in CCS tokens to ensure liquidity of CCS assets. Upon the completion of the ICO stage, CCS tokens will be released to all cryptocurrency exchange platforms for trading opportunities. CCS has implemented a Bitcoin-like feature whereupon the solution of complex problems presented, users will receive CCS tokens. The distribution of the CCS tokens is in such a manner that 60% are distributed among all investors whereas the 20% is reserved for the team, 18% for the reserve fund and 2% for bounty. There are numerous ways to obtain CCS coins, the most prominent of them including,
1. Purchasing CCS tokens at the Pre-ICO stage for biggest monetary advantage.
2. Participating in the bounty campaign.
3. Purchasing tokens at the main stage of the ICO.
4. Receiving tokens for the development.


The ICO period will last from 8 September 2017 to 8 October 2017. The pre-ICO period had unfortunately ended on the 7th of August.Powered through the smart Ethereum contract CCS tokens will be sold through the following bonuses
40% - First hour
30% - First day
25%- First week
20%- Second week
15%- Third week
10%- Fourth week


I hope that the above information has satisfied your needs of knowledge regarding this coin. However, if you want to know more, I have provided every link regarding the Crystal Clear platform below. Hope that you analyze the situation correctly and gain huge money from this potentially game-changing innovation in the global services industry.

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