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RIVETZ: Decentralized and Mobile Cyber-Security Token

Rivetz Introduction

Hello, fellow crypto enthusiasts. Today I am introducing a coin to you in which I have personally taken part as a follow on investor as I believe this crypto currency is aiming to solve an immensely important issue in the digital world today of cyber security. Personally invested in Rivetz and studying its trend and technology for months now, I believe this is a golden opportunity for all to gain a monetary advantage in a minimal risk manner. Cyber security has become an immensely important issue in today's world as the attacks such as the DDOS are becoming very popular on large servers disrupting data not only for the privatized system but large corporations as well. With the advancement in technology, the simultaneity of hackers to figure out ways to steal funds and data through the internet have also enhanced, hence the threat still remains at a constant level. With the technology Rivetz presents, it solves this issue of cyber crime by creating an extremely safe platform within the unsafe internet for data storage and financial transactions to secure all information from cyber attacks which cause huge losses on an annual scale. Through its own security vault system, which includes machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to allow the system to itself learn possible ways of cyber attack, Rivetz has created a system that is not only ahead of its time in manners of security but will also improve its quality of security over time. With an initial fund investment, Rivetz intends to launch its technology in the mobile industry with the help of blockchain to minimize the possibility of cyber attacks but the distribution of information in inaccessible pieces through the blockchain neural net.
The problem of cyber attacks was understood by all but what Rivetz has done is that it has made the solution much simpler to understand for a novice user. Hence all investors with no technological background can now understand how Rivetz employs its cryptographic methods to secure their funds and data transforming itself into an immensely trustable system. All platforms including cloud computing, mobile, the world wide web and various crypto markets all require a distinct measure to secure themselves from cyber crime, a total of eight members of the Rivetz team under the leadership of Steven Prague and Micheal Prague, each of whom have a deep understanding of ethical hacking and master their chosen fields have created a system for each of the above mentioned platform to make not only currencies but the whole digital financial world secure from such attempts of crime. For further information, I have given links to their bios in the end.


With planning and initializing operations ahead of time, Rivetz or RVT prototypes are in use since 2016 with no failures in their technology. Over the course of the year, the RVT platform is now compatible with 2.5 Billion devices worldwide which allow it to form a decentralized and thus trusted network with extreme ease. Not only concentrating on software but the hardware level security is also of paramount importance in the RVT technology. With the help of a trusted execution environment, RVT converts your own mobile device into a vault that stores all the information of the user hence allowing user full transparency over its data where as creating an opaque surrounding from all the browsers and operating systems worldwide. This indicates that no operating system or software is able to access the data stored on your phone supported by RVT technology. With these methods applied, Rivetz is the first cyber security in-mobile system of its kind.

Rivetz Tokens

Already ensuring maximum security, Rivetz is aiming for more user assurance by working under the blockchain network to ensure that all of its transactions and data are safe from any sort of cyber attack on devices connected to the neural net, aiming for a lavish level of security for digital finance. To ensure maximum security, Rivetz is partnering with multiple platforms to integrate themselves onto the Rivetz network so there may be only one flow of funds and data hence minimizing any chance of crime. Exchange of crypto currencies between these platform integrated will be done in a currency developed by Rivetz known as the RVT Tokens.


Rivetz has proven that its platform is years ahead of the cyber security market today since 2016. After a year of testing its technology on small platforms and convincing multiple digital exchange platforms to integrate onto the Rivetz wall, the company is now ending its Beta testing phase and launching its ICO. The crowd sale for Rivetz tokens had already initiated on the 25th of July 2017, however, there is still time left to purchase Rivetz tokens until it ends it's ICO later this month. With the possibility of a high valued currency, Rivetz has only aimed for a total supply of 200 Million tokens, however, only 70 Million of the 200 Million tokens will be available for sale at the ICO which makes the competition even more large to gain access to such a valuable platform. The minimum funds required for Rivetz to launch its technology worldwide to 2.5 Billion mobile devices is 5 Million USD, which considering the number of mobile devices is a very small requirement of less than 0.002 percent of the funds spent on each mobile device. To eliminate the possibility of financial flooding, Rivetz will only accept a funding of no more than 50 Million USD. The Rivetz tokens will be issued on the Ethereum Blockchain network and will be available for the remaining days on its main website. To facilitate ease in sales, payments for the purchase of RVT tokens will be accepted in both Ethereum and Bitcoin.


I hope that I have satisfied all of the queries regarding Rivetz, however, if you require more information I have provided all the links below related to the Rivetz platform and its token sale.

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