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To ease the conventional trading process employed by current banks and stock markets, Brickblock is an online platform aimed towards investing in exchange-traded funds, real estate funds and passive coin trade funds using modern blockchain technology. Integrating artificial geographic trading restrictions and smart contracts, Brickblock intends to make the online investment procedure reliable and inclusive across all income classes while simultaneously reducing any counterparty risk involved


Brickblock offers many advantages to its users comparative to other cryptocurrency based online exchange platforms employing Blockchain technology. With the high and diverse liquidity conversion of BBT tokens, Brickblock offers a two-directional bridge for the saved value between cryptocurrencies, liquid assets and non-fiat money such as shares, exchange-traded funds and bonds. This is optimized in order to harness the complete benefits of a minimum variance portfolio. The Brickblock platform also offers tax and optimized solutions for its general investors. Simultaneous to such solutions does the company provide asset protection services via a safe contract to eliminate any threats of enabling inheritance over an asset. The BBT tokens can be traded in exchange for other non-fiat assets with lower fees comparative to conventional trading methods, in addition, they may use as a tool to guarantee and to be held in escrow like a provision of letter


In the global investment industry, non-fiat commodities such as gold or silver, real estate funds and exchange-traded funds are essential requirements for a diverse investment portfolio. Based on the blockchain, Brickblock has created an online platform where its users can invest in all of the funds mentioned above using its BBT tokens without any hindrance or additional fees. In its structure, each exchange-traded fund will be allocated with its own denomination along with its own BBT token. These tokens can be exchanged in real time with greater ease compared to the conventional methods employed by the current banks and stock markets. Alike to the trade funds, active or passive managed crypto trade funds may be provided by the user. In this setting, the active funds will be managed by the trader whereas the passive funds are a collection portfolio of predetermined cryptocurrencies.

Brickblock (BBT) Token Information

With the aid of Blockchain technology and algorithmic methods, Brickblock will create an online platform to manage the execution, allocation and matching of liquid assets. Investments and trading on this platform will be aided by Brickblock to eliminate additional costs. To execute its aims of superior technology and lower costs, Brickblock has created its own cryptocurrency to operate on its online platform. This cryptocurrency is named, BrickBlock (BBT) Tokens which will be released upon its ICO. Brickblock aims to collect total funds of USD 50 Million through its Initial coin offering investment round. A total of 500 million brick block tokens will be printed throughout the course of the company’s operations. For reliability, BBT tokens are created as the standard tradable ERC20 token based on the Ethereum smart contract. The next investment round for Brickblock will initiate on the 31st of October. Although the current exchange rate of BBT tokens is, 1 BBT  = 0.4 USD, with a monthly BBT volume of 1.4 million USD, the prices and volumes of BBT tokens may vary on the initiation of the upcoming investment round. The investment distribution from the ICO will be divided among multiple sources including a majority of 58% allocated to operations and 15% allocated to legal structural fees. Whereas the remaining portions of the funds received will be distributed between marketing receiving 15% of the funds while the remaining 12% will be directed towards the development of the Brickblock platform. Brickblock intends to distribute 55% of its half a billion tokens upon its ICO to the general public whereas giving 10% to early bird investors, 15 % to the founders of the company and 20% of the tokens stored for future costs in technology, global marketing and company acquisitions.


Brickblock, with its blockchain technology applied to seamless global investments, aims to build an online infrastructure to decrease gaps between investments into cryptocurrencies and other assets to be exchanged including ETFs, Bonds and REITs. Due to the wide range of global demand and the increasing volume of liquid assets involved in the trade of cryptocurrencies,  Brickblock aims to serve this global demand and dominate the cryptocurrency investment market. Its advantages along with the technicality involved in its roadmap prove Brickblock to be a promising company with a high return on investment probability, hence an investment in this cryptocurrency company is worthwhile. I hope that the information provided above has allocated sufficient information for a thorough analysis, however, if in need of additional knowledge about Brickblock, please visit the links I have provided below

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