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BurstIQ: A Marketplace for Health Data & Services


BurstIQ is a platform which integrates machine learning and modern blockchain technology to make healthcare data accessible to all patients and hospitals of relevance. The company has identified three major lacking factors in the current global healthcare industry which includes health data restricted to limited servers and a general lack of integration between these data servers. Secondly, the HIPAA regulations imposed by the government cause a major hindrance between sharing data with different sources. The last noticing factor is based on the fact that patients themselves have limited access to the data which is controlled by the healthcare industry. With the compliance of HIPAA, BurstIQ aims to create a data repository on the blockchain to make health data accessible to both patients and healthcare service providers across the globe. As the health data is exponentially increasing worldwide with the increase in population and diseases, such a platform to store, unify and process data is in strict need, hence the introduction of the BurstIQ platform in the healthcare industry is probable to be a highly valued. The proof of the company’s successful operational structure and ability to handle such vast amounts of health data lies in the fact that in the initial 12 months of its operation, the BurstIQ platform has processed 25 Billion data points.

Token information

The BurstIQ platform will provide a singular access to all the health data available through its blockchain based platform. Including the provision of data the platform will provide additional services including precise medicine testing, services for health and wellness of patients, access to customer segmented data files, data and analytics of clinics and much more. Currently, the BurstIQ business model is based on a B2C model however the company aims to provide services to healthcare industries in the near future to incorporate the B2B model, introducing a new flow of income. To ease transactions on the platform, BurstIQ has introduced its token, BiQ, which will be redeemable for transactions on the platforms data grid. The BiQ token is based on the Ethereum blockchain via the Ethereum smart contract. The company aims to print a total of 1 Billion coins over the course of its operations. At the initiation of its investment round the exchange rate between BiQ token and USD (Ether equivalent) is set to, 1 BiQ = 0.12 USD, however, this price may increase based on the demand of the coin in the investment round.

Token & Fund Distribution

BurstIQ will have multiple investment rounds for the sale of its tokens. Furthermore, the company has kept no capital limit on the number of its tokens for sale for each investment round. This unconventional structure is formed to ensure that each investor and the general public will have an equal opportunity to receive the bonuses associated with the sale of BiQ. However, it is decided that an aggregated percentage of 70% of all the 1 Billion tokens printed will be sold in its initial coin offering. Other than the 700 Million coins allocated to its crowd sale, a significant portion of 20% is kept by the company for its founders and key employees. Whereas the remaining 10% of the BiQ tokens are distributed evenly between the company advisors and marketplace incentives including legal costs, marketing budgets, and company acquisitions. The bonus structure for the ICO of BurstIQ tokens is set in such a manner that tokens bought in the first week after launch will receive a 20% bonus, whereas the bonus decreases to 14% on the second week, 10% on the third week exponentially decreasing to 5% on the fourth week of the investment round


To not miss out on any important dates, I have provided a summary of the important future events of BurstIQ below. In the third quarter of 2017, the company will initiate its cloud-based operations on CloudOps, Amazon Azure and Google private. Whereas in the last quarter of this year, BurstIQ will release its platform production. Within the first two quarters of 2018, the company intends to enter the precision medicine marketplace, data marketplace and release its Swarm Deep learning pilot. Furthermore, during this time, efforts will be placed towards scaling up the operational team


With the growing amount of health data, decentralization on a blockchain network is becoming an essential requirement, therefore, BurstIQ presents a huge opportunity to gain advantage and become a viable investment in the future. I hope to have satisfied all the queries regarding BurstIQ, however, if in need of further details, please visit the links provided below

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