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Over time Bitcoin has become a dominating cryptocurrency for the global digital finance being used by wide networks, institution, and tech-savvy fractions of the society. On the other side, Electroneum is a upcoming  cryptocurrency aiming to disrupt common use of Bitcoin to make the process of operating cryptocurrency for the everyday user perfectly integrated with modern mobile platforms to support payments between apps , games and users via a extremely fast micro transaction algorithm developed With the 21 Billion coins Electroneum intends to print upon its ICO, the platform intends to achieve its goal of dominating the cryptocurrency market of mobile currency for the 2.2 billion smartphone users worldwide.
The company intends to attract long-term investors who, like Bitcoin, will appreciate, buy and hold Electroneum for its future value. The company intends to focus on two main industries with its initial technology including the online gaming and online gambling industries. With annual revenue of these platforms being US $ 90 Billion and US $ 128 Billion respectively, this presents an immensely valuable opportunity to gain exponential profits

Development History

Unlike various cryptocurrencies, Electroneum stands out uniquely due to the fact that it has developed most of its technology before its ICO and is ready to launch all of its features simultaneous to its crowdfunding campaign. To dominate the mobile currency market as a substitute to Bitcoin to develop ease to use cryptocurrency, this is an immensely important strategy that Electroneum has taken which increases its chances of success. Upon its ICO, Electroneum will multiple features including its app-based wallet, which allows access to the platform with zero tech knowledge, app-based mining platform, offline wallet, Windows miner, Electroneum blockchain explorer to verify payments and examine the blockchain in real time and its personal third-party payment API used to allow third parties to use Electroneum for online financial transactions on various platforms including the gaming industry.

Investment Strategies

With an analytic and fully planned approach, Electroneum has prepared for every outcome for the amount of funds raised upon its ICO. The company has grouped these possibilities into five groups from 1 million USD to 40 million USD where the raised investment will be distributed among technological development and marketing strategies and campaigns. In the case of moderate funds raised in its ICO, Electroneum intends to increase its full-time team for the development of the Electroneum Virtual Currency exchange. Furthermore, it plans on developing an app where the user may exchange Electroneum only using their mobile number. Simultaneous to these technical developments, the company is planning for multiple marketing developments upon the receival of moderate funds including partnering with leaders of the gaming industry along with exchange platforms to increase the use of Electroneum Virtual Currency Exchange. If sufficient funds are collected upon ICO, Electroneum intends to enable Electroneum to be white labeled allowing other future coin token sales and capitalize on the public's ideas to prevent Electroneum from being superseded. Whereas on the business end, with enough funds the company will market Electroneum as the leading digital currency, create a brand around Electroneum to accept payments using PayPal technology and access the large fractions of the market who do not have bank accounts but do possess smartphones

Token Sale Information

Electorneum intends to gains its initial investments via the token sale strategy. These funds will be used for the global transaction of the app, the integration of a globals SMS system for authentication purposes, international promotion and the development of a GUI CPU miner. This token sale has already begun and will be ending on the 31 of October 2017.  During this period, 6.3 Billion Electroneum coins will be released at a rate of 1 coin for USD 0.01. Electroneum has deliberately printed 1000 times more coins than Bitcoin to gain market dominance over the leading cryptocurrency. Payments for this coin may be in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. Furthermore, the company has also established a bonus structure for token sale upon its ICO where between 5 - 11 October investors will be given 20% bonus on every 100 Electroneum coins purchased whereas between  12 - 18 October 10% bonus will be given on every 100 Electroneum coins purchased.


Aiming to substitute Bitcoin as the most widely used cryptocurrency, Electorneum is taking each of its developments strategically including printing 1000 times more coins than Bitcoin, and initially only focusing on the online gaming and gambling industry. Another important factor which is supportive of its probability of success is that the team of Electroneum is comprised of many members from the London Stock Exchange who clearly understand the needs of present global finance. There is a high probability for Electroneum to gather immense value in the long run based on the information provided. If you require more information, I have provided links to every website in the mentions of Electroneum. Hope you all gain advantage of this golden opportunity!

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