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LITRA: Welcome to the Revolution


The US healthcare industry is currently valued at a production of 5.5 Trillion USD. However large its valuation, the system is still run by conventional means built around the healthcare suppliers. LitraCoin is a revolutionary approach which intends to fill all the gaping holes in today's global health sector by restructuring the healthcare industry into a consumer-focused platform. LitraCoin will accomplish this goal by the use of modern blockchain technology which will create a transparent procedure increasing reliability while simultaneously decreasing the risk of failure and breach of security. With the use of modern cryptocurrency technology, LitraCoin aims to dominate the global healthcare sector in the coming years


With a revolutionary approach of combining blockchain technology with the healthcare industry, LitraCoin is providing numerous advantages over the conventional system. These advantages derive from the advent of the Litra Blockchain that increases additional accountability and transparency to the healthcare industry. The basic advantages come from the LitraCoin currency (LTA) which provides consumers with a new way to pay for the healthcare costs. In addition to that, since all health records will be contained on a decentralized blockchain, this increases the probability of accurate drug consuming as the transparent process will be monitored by each user of the network. This may also translate into a transparent pharmaceutical prescription process. Since all information may be accessed on the Litra Blockchain the reliability of public health records increases exponentially. LitraCoin does not only combine itself with the blockchain but also with IoT to expand its access to the internet. The blockchain LitraCoin will establish is built in such a way to expand its shared network with global users without compromising security. LitraCoin will be free and open to all individual and healthcare providers regardless of any other factor


Since the ICO of LitraCoin is close to a near end, it is essential for the interested investors to know about the dates of the future events in the company to maximize monetary gains. For this purpose, I have provided a roadmap of all the important events regarding the LitraCoin below. On October 2017, LitraCoin will end its ICO and initiate the signup procedure for its Beta EHR platform. In January 2018, LitraCoin will launch its online platform with an addition to more healthcare services provided. Till the end of August 2018, the company will expand its marketplace by opening distribution centers around its major sale countries.

LitraCoin (LTA)

In order for its goal to decentralize public health records, Litra coin has introduced an independent platform token to help integrate EHR on the Litra blockchain. To use the services provided on the Litra platform, and to support the consumer's liquidity preference, Litra will accept investments in both BitCoin and USD. By introducing its separate currency in the online healthcare industry, Litra aims to reduce service costs, save time and increase transparency exponentially. The company will release a limited supply of its total coins causing the value of its token to increase over time

Initial Coin Offering

The ICO of LitraCoin initiated earlier is coming to an end on 30th of September 2017. Litra plans to release a total limited supply of 99,999,999 coins. The limited amount of coins released compared to the other currencies in the cryptocurrency market is the company’s strategy to increase the value of LTA in the future due to high demand versus stagnant supply. LitraCon follows the steps of Bitcoin to increase its probability of market dominance in the healthcare industry by creating processes where users of the platform can mint LTA by block reward. Litra has set its exchange rate with the US Dollar too, 1 USD = 1 LTA. This presents a realistic valuation of the company and a uncomplex exchange rate for the consumer. Although a total of 99,999,999 LTA will be printed through the course of the operations, only 29,999,997 coins of the total amount will be released upon Litra’s initial coin offering. LTA will be supported by all useful day to day services. To ease the process of purchasing LTA for its consumers, LitraCoin will accept payments in US Dollar, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. LitraCoin reflects a comprehensive fund allocation strategy upon the end of its ICO period. A 30% fraction of the investment received in its ICO will be allocated to the ICO investors, the other major portions of the investments are given to healthcare providers and EHR individuals, each of whom is assigned 20% of the investment funds. Miners who will mint LTA are aimed to be rewarded with a 10% fraction of the ICO funds, whereas the LitraCoin team will also receive 10% of the investments. The remaining 10% will be reserved for additional costs on the LitraCoin platform, technological development, marketing cost structures and acquisitions


By bringing about an unconventional change in the operations of the current global healthcare industry by integrating blockchain technology to EHR on its platform run by its own currency, LTA, LitraCoin has established a system of utmost transparency, security, and consumer faced revolution. With such overwhelming advantages, LitraCoin intends to dominate the healthcare sector within the next 5 years. Therefore this presents a viable long and short run investment opportunity having good potential. If you require any further information  to enhance your analysis regarding LitraCoin, please visit  the links provided below

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