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Each day dozens of new cryptocurrencies are introduced in the global financial market, however, the lack of proper planning in its stages before launch causes many of these cryptocurrencies showing potential to never reach exchange platforms for the general public. RocketICO provides a solution to this problem by not only recognizing newly introduced cryptocurrencies showing potential to succeed through its technology, application and business model but also providing mentorship and all resources required to have a successful ICO.
It is also essential to have a simple yet transparent system of communication between all parties involved. Based on Ethereum network, RocketCoin architects a direct yet elegant coordination system between investors, startups, experts and the general public.


Like its name, it's quite probable that the ICO of RocketICO may follow the same trajectory. For this purpose, I have provided all the details and dates regarding this coin for you all to analyze and optimize your investment strategies accordingly. The ICO of RocketCoin will start on the 10th of October 2017 and end exactly one month later on 10th on November 2017.
The company has a development strategy spread through the span of one year. In October of 2017, the company will handle all legal and marketing matters to support its ICO event. After the investment rounds are over and its coins are distributed among different crypto-exchange platforms, the company will focus on releasing its core technology to the world including chatbots for its service to ease consumer experience. This process will take place between May and July 2018. With its further investments, RocketCoin will reveal the entire sector of its technology by September 2018 including Artificial Intelligence-based analytics, and its own platform supported a mobile application. Within a year, these technologies may create the possibility for RocketICO to dominate the ICO market to ease the entrance of new cryptocurrencies into the financial revolution and help small currencies gain wider market shares by acquiring larger funds in shorter times

Rocket Coin Token (ROCK) Information

With a transparent structure between investors, startups, experts and the general public, RocketCoin based on the reliable Ethereum network, will release a total of 25 million coins upon its ICO. The division of the coins emitted will be done in such a manner that 1 of the 25 million coins will be released on its pre-ICO, on its ICO Rocket Coin will release another 17 million coins. The company’s founders will be awarded a fraction of 5 million coins whereas the other 2 million will be allotted to bounty programs, pre-seed investor rewards, public relations and advisor
As the RocketICO platform will be handling ICO of future cryptocurrencies, the platform will generate profit based on the 5% commission it will earn on all Ethereum coins raised, this commission will be credited to RocketICO’s account after the completion of the fundraising campaign. Furthermore, RocketICO will receive 5% of the total amount of tokens released upon ICO of the cryptocurrency. 4% of the 5% commision collected will be distributed to the investors of the platform whereas the remaining 1% will be allocated to financing the ICO for the specific cryptocurrency This will allow the platform to generate a cryptocurrency basket of thousands of coins with increasing probability of success and high Return On Investments (ROI). The exchange rate between Ethereum and ROCK is set to 1 ETH  will equal 300 ROCK which is a feasible introductory rate.


The RocketCoin operational structure is built in such a way to minimize occurrences and supporting ICO of fake cryptocurrencies. Any startup aiming to collaborate with RocketICO for its ICO will first have to submit an application form after which a panel of experts will investigate the validity of the cryptocurrency via the CIVIC procedure. Upon acceptance, the platform will go through project management modules, whitepaper interactive writing modules and marketing modules to form a base for a successful ICO. All these procedures indicate the chance of a risk-free process, verifying the success of any coin RocketICO sponsors and hence any investment made in Rocket Coin.


With dozens of ICO’s erupting in the cryptocurrency market every day, there is a need for an experienced platform which would not only provide mentorship but also guide the new currencies introduced to a successful ICO and fundraising campaign. Since RocketICO is fulfilling that demand in the financial market and is the only of its kind in existence within the financial market, it is bound to make some impact within the coming time. It would be a smart move to invest even a small amount in such a unique platform. With all the information stated above about RocketICO I hope that you will make the correct analysis of investment upon this cryptocurrency, however, if you require more information, I have provided links to all the sites mentioning RocketCoin below

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