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WIRELINE The Business Application Exchange

Introduction and Overview

Microservices has become a need of the current and future business corporations in the terms of open source projects by developers spread all across the globe. Wireline is a platform which is aiming to raise yet the largest developer fund to invest in such open source projects where these developers may connect to all scales of business corporations to construct the next generation of cloud computing. Microservices has the ability to deploy API without giving a thought on the hardware and software infrastructure involved. Known popularly as the third wave of innovation, microservices is proving itself to be the enterprise-friendly version of the cloud impacting, the healthcare industry, manufacturing, energy, transportation and construction industries in the widest range possible. An aggregation of all these industries on IT is approximately USD 1.5 “Trillion” globally. With such a cosmic amount of potential investments for microservices, a platform such as Wireline which connects industries to open source developers for cloud computing may be the most important source for employment.


Normally I don’t talk about the teams on my blog, but the team of Wireline is a great reflection of this platforms authenticity and superior technology. Wireline is a cloud-based services platform, hence having someone from the biggest tech conglomerate on Earth is a huge advantage for Wireline. In this case, it is Rich Burdon a Google staff engineer who has worked on popular projects like Google Cloud and Google Inbox. Another highly important team member is Shehab Hamad who has worked on Amazon Web Services as a Product manager for storage. The team also includes members from Wall Street Journal and renowned institutions like DePaul University in Chicago.

Wireline (WRL) Token Information

Wireline intends to maximize its transparency and good stewardship towards the developer community. For this purpose and due to the large requirement of funds to maximize the use of this platform for microservices, Wireline will mint all of its tokens upon its ICO
A mere 2.5 percent of the outstanding tokens upon launch will be allocated to the independent developers working as a core part of the Wireline ecosystem.
To develop worth of coins in the cryptocurrency market, Wireline has planned to lock the trading of WRL coins until it reaches general availability. This is intended to be as soon as the first quarter of 2018. Wireline expects its Initial Coin Offering to begin in the last quarter of 2017. At this point, it will issue a total of 3 Billion WRL tokens with an exchange rate of, 1 USD = 30 WRL.

Launch and Funds allocation

Through the ICO, Wireline intends to raise USD 20 million which will be used to for the microservices platform engineering, external platform service fees, future acquisitions which will help the company increase use of Wireline and other capital expenditures for the development of the Wireline ecosystem.
Any tokens unsold during the ICO will be released by the company at a rate of 2.5 percent per quarter. These funds will be allocated mostly towards the evangelism of developers and open source software grants. Wireline has a unique management facility where it hires will be issued token options vested over a four year period. However, it may be seen through its allocation of its funds collected towards employees, which is only 2 percent, that Wireline is investing a high majority of the investment into the open source developers and its platform. A huge chunk of investment into its liabilities might translate into a higher probability of its success as a worldwide used microservices platform for open source developers may increase its chances to succeed as a blockchain based microservices platform.


With the increasing amount of open source developers, there is a vast potential of undiscovered microservices provided by these developers for the IT enterprise. Hence an exponential growth of a platform that provides such microservices can be easily anticipated. According to many sources, the IT spending on open source developers for cloud computing will rise above to USD 1.5 Billion. This can directly associate to the worth of Wireline at that point in the future, therefore, I highly advise my readers to look into this largely profitable opportunity. I hope my analysis on this cryptocurrency was sufficient, however, if you feel the need to inquire more, please visit all the links regarding Wireline I have provided below.

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