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ARToken by Cappasity - Decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D


Cappasity is a futuristic technologies company which focuses on 3D digitizing and the applications it may have on Augmented and virtual reality. The company aims to develop a decentralized ecosystem for the development of AR/VR/3D content. High quality and acceptable content are the driving forces behind AR/VR technologies and Cappasity believes that the blockchain based AR/VR online environment will bring the world closer to adopting this revolutionary technology. For the transaction purpose on its online platform, Cappasity will launch its own cryptocurrency by the name of the ARToken for content purchase and rewards

Token Information

Cappasity intends to develop AR/VR/3D content in the global marketplace. To aid this goal, the company decided to develop its own cryptocurrency as a resource for exchange among users
This will help eliminate all hurdles in C2C transactions on the global scale. Furthermore, the creation of ARTokens will aid the decrease in dependence upon blockchain dominating cryptocurrencies such as BTC or ETH. ARTokens may be used by the consumers on the platform to pay for the content developers offer. These tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain network and hence bound by the ERC 20 smart contract. It is recommended by the company for developers to take part in both the ICO and the AR/VR ecosystem to help accelerate the technical development of the products launched by Cappasity. After the end of the crowdsale, personalized accounts for every participant will be created to which ARTokens will be transferred on an immediate effect.


Founded in 2013, Cappasity has achieved numerous milestones along the way including the launch of a free 3D digitizing software, and the launch of its platform which is 4 times faster in browsing than any other device. However, the company aims to achieve further milestones including the development of the free mobile 3D capturing SDK and the launch of the 3D hologram mobile computing by Q1 of 2018. By the second quarter of the year, the company aims to launch its Artificially Intelligent API and smart contract empowering 3D/AR/VR content marketplace. Furthermore, the launch of free 3D avatar scanners, remeshing solutions for AR/VR devices and 3D printing are among the planned milestones for Q3 of 2018. By the last quarter of 2018, Cappasity intends to bring its decentralized AR/VR/3D content storage and 3D content search engine to the market. Finally, by the beginning quarter of 2019, Cappasity will launch its decentralized 3D app marketplace, 3D capturing for drones and decentralized GPU photogrammetry solutions to the market

Token sale

Through the sale of the Cappasity’s utility tokens, ARToken, the company aims to achieve a maximum of 50,000,000 USD of funding for its initial investment round in which bonuses will be offered to early investors. The token sale of Cappasity is divided into two phases each lasting 28
Days, the first phase has begun on October 25, 2017, whereas the second phase will begin on March 22, 2018. During the crowdsale a total of 7 billion units of ARTokens will be sold, where the remaining amount of unsold tokens will be burnt upon the end of the ICO. The initial exchange rate is set to ( 1 USD = 125 ART ) for the first phase. Investments in Cappasity’s ICO are allowed in both BTC and ETH whereas the minimum amount of investment is set to 0.1ETH for the ICO.

Revenue Allocation

Unlike other companies, the entire amount of the ARTokens are distributed in the ICO where a majority of 70% will be sold in the token sale to the general public whereas only 18% of the tokens will be reserved for the founder’s endowment and 12% is directed towards the early contributors of the ICO. The monetary funds gained through the token sale phases are distributed in such a manner that, 43% of the total funds are allocated for Cappasity’s software development, 27% is for sales and marketing, 20% of the investment is reserved for the AR/VR innovation fund whereas the remaining amount of 10% of the funds are for rewards for early investors


With revenue projections of $80 Billion USD by 2020 and $569 Billion USD by 2025, AR/VR/3D technologies are an exponentially growing market for the future, especially since it is backed by technologies such as the Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR. In this market, a platform that provides users content for such technologies could gain the importance of what Google Play Store and App Store have in today’s app market, which again presents huge potential for Cappasity, hence it is essential to invest in such a company with high probabilities of large returns. If more information is required about the company and its data, please visit the links below

ARToken Website
Official Project Website
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