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Lordmancer II - A mobile MMO RPG where a player can mine cryptocurrency



The application of cryptocurrency to the gaming industry is a growing sector of the digital economy. Where there are a lot of cryptocurrencies that only provide the currency for trading in online games, Lordmancer II is the first of its kind, which itself provides a platform for the use of its cryptocurrency through it's online multiplayer free to play RPG game. This game allows its players to mine its tokens (Lord Coin) with the opportunity to spend it outside the game. This cryptocurrency can be bought and sold on the platform using fiat currencies and traded for items on the game or sold for cash later in the game, thus it omits the need for any player to learn the mechanism of trading cryptocurrencies

Description of the game

This game is being released on both Android and iOS platforms. The most important features of this game include its vast and continually expanding game world, the open market economy for players in the game with the use of the Lord Coin cryptocurrency. The game is inspired by many features of top-level games like Heroes of Might and Magic, and King’s Beauty which allows real-time player against player interactions and turn-based battles. Like Clash of clans, it also includes parts where the war for territory is taken place for capturing castles and resource mines. By integrating both mobile and desktop games, Lordmancer II has created a game, capable to be played on all devices.


As games are one of those products with exponential growth, especially when linked to gains in cryptocurrency, it is essential to know about the important dates of development on such platforms to not miss any potential opportunity. In the case of Lordmancer II, the platform intends to start its ICO along with its official launch in Russia and the sale of game packs for Lord Coins in the last quarter of 2017. Furthermore, in the first quarter of 2018, the platform aims to launch its iOS platform, initiate the sale of unique lands for coins in the game and launch the game in South East Asia and South American regions. In the second quarter of 2018, Lordmancer II aims for a global launch following many exciting yet unannounced developments in the game throughout 2018.

Overview of Usage

Lord Coin is the dominant cryptocurrency for trade transactions in Lordmancer II. With the use of its cryptocurrency comes numerous advantages in the game including the purchase of unique player skins, the opportunity to buy legendary weapons and items, the purchase of in-game islands, and multiplayer trades inside the game. In order to purchase Lord Coins inside the platform, the player may adopt any one of the three options available including trading it for either Bitcoin and Ethereum inside the cryptocurrency exchange of the fame, buy the tokens in exchange for fiat currency or use Google Play Store or App store payment mechanisms inside the game

ICO Structure

During its first investment round, Lordmancer II will issue 20 million units of its cryptocurrency named Lord Coin (LC). This token is dependant upon Ethereum and based on the ERC 20 smart contract. The token distribution is as follows where 2 million tokens will be given to the co-founders and teams whereas an identical amount will be held by the company for future developments on the game and platform expansion. 1 million of Lord Coins will be reserved for advisers and bounty programs whereas the remaining amount of 15 million Lord Coins will be available for the ICO investors. Unpurchased tokens after the ICO will be burned by the company. The investment round for Lordmancer II will initiate on 29 December 2017. During this ICO period, 13 million coins will be sold at an initial price of (1 LC = 0.1 USD), constant price structure for the first five days. The funds gained through this ICO will be divided in such a way that half of the investment will be directed towards marketing, 30% will be reserved for operations and 20% will be allocated for technical development on the platform


According to the study by Newzoo, the 2017 gaming market is $106,5bn, the 2018 market will be over $112bn. Mobile game market is $42,5bn and $47,4bn, accordingly. According to Newzoo, the gaming market in 2017 has a worth of USD 106.5 billion , it is predicted that the total revenue will rise to USD 112 Billion the next year. Considering the inflation in prices predicted, this presents a great opportunity for investment in the gaming industry and if it's combined with modern blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies like Lordmancer II , the opportunity should not be missed due to its highly potential growth. I hope to have provided you all with sufficient information to make an informed investment decision on this platform. However if in the need for more knowledge about this game, please visit the links below

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