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TokenPay is a company that aims to develop a decentralized and self-verifying platform. Using blockchain technology and modern algorithms, the company aims to develop secure transactions for its customers. To further enhance security, the company will form its own cryptocurrency called TPAY which includes a stealth addressing system, encrypted messaging platform and anonymous trading. In addition to these features TokenPay has come up with a system called Multi Signature Transaction Engine (MTE) in which each user in the transaction process will approve the transaction before the data is published on the blockchain, this will enhance the security protocols taken by the bank.Although the financial transactions on the platform will make the user to have a private key, but this key is not to be shared with others for involvement on the blockchain network. These transactions are performed with complete security, anonymity and without any risk. Furthermore, TokenPay has made a peer to peer instant messaging system using algorithms to develop private conversations using the TokenPay Wallets. The encryption level on these messages will be the same as those on government top secret files

Features and Innovative Technologies

 TokenPay will launch its Blue diamond debit card under its innovative technologies, this will be seamlessly integrated to the company's digital wallets which will allow the customers to spend TPAY digital currency virtually anywhere. Furthermore this will allow users to access multi currency funds at transparent prices and low fees.With its debit card, TokenPay intends to acquire a licensed bank in Vanuatu. With partnership with a well reputed bank, international transfers will be possible to support the use of its cryptocurrency. The operations of this bank  will be based on traditional banking based on the Hong Kong Dollar.


Founded in 2015, TokenPay has achieved several milestones including launching the beta version of its platform and partnership with US Stock Trade. However after the completion of its ICO in Q1 of 2018, the company aims to add TPAY to notable exchange platforms, format the TPAY iOS wallet and complete its bank integration platform. By Q2 of 2018, TokenPay intends to launch its website for commercial use, finish the procedures for its acquisition of the  Bank, launch its P2P multi-screen payment platform as well as its global service merchants application. By the last quarters of 2018, the company aims to launch its renowned Blue Diamond debit cards. In 2019, the TokenPay bank intends to expand to different regions

Token Sale

To support its online platform, TokenPay intends to launch its hard capped cryptocurrency sale for the sake of raising monetary funds for the development of its technologies by adding additional features and expansion of its business, under the name of its TPAY digital token. Through its ICO, the company aims to reach a maximum sale of 5000 bitcoins. Moreover the units of the TPAY tokens issued will be dependant upon the number of Bitcoins raised as well as the bonus structure of the ICO set by the company. Like Bitcoin, the TPAY digital currency can be traded by its buyers in fractional forms. Moreover the company has devised a bonus structure for those participating early in the ICO however once the TPAY token is bought, there is a no refund or exchange policy invoken by TokenPay. From the total amount of tokens issued a large fraction of 14,250,000 tokens will be allocated to the token sale, furthermore 1.25 million units of the cryptocurrency is reserved for the Token Pay team and its developers.750,000 TPAY tokens will be directed towards all marketing costs, bounties and advisors combined while the remaining 6.25 million units are reserved as block rewards. The founders of the company will be paid a total of 2.5 million TPAY coins. From the funds gained through the token sale, TokenPay intends to spend 30% of the total amount on the the exchange for liquidity, another 30% will be spent on acquiring the bank. Furthermore 20% of the tokens will be spent on the development of the platforms technology while the remaining 20% will be spent on management, operations and marketing combined


With the transformation of the traditional banking system by increasing security with the use of the application of blockchain technology and modern algorithms, TokenPay aims to transform a decentralized and self-verifying platform. Furthermore the innovative technologies developed by the company such as the acquisition of the bank, instant messaging, and Blue Diamond Debit card will increase its probabilities of success in the Fintech sector. If required more information about the company, please visit the links below.

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