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Introduction is a revolutionary trading platform which employs blockchain technology to democratize the trading markets, hereby disrupting the current conventional culture of the financial ecosystem. This company is based on a unifying peer to peer trading platform for a wide variety of assets stored on its own e-wallet to perform frictionless transactions increasing in value as the network increases

Trade Token(TIO) has formed its own cryptocurrency to execute operations on its online platform. This coin is named Trade token(TIO). A total supply of 500 Million coins will be created however only 275 million of these coins will be available in the ICO. The trade token is created on the ethereum blockchain and for its authenticity is bound by the ethereum smart contract, ERC-20.Of the total token supply, 100 million coins will be reserved for the founders and developers of the company, whereas the advisors and vendors will be given 20 million of TIO tokens,10% of the total tokens will be allocated to the liquidity pool whereas the remaining 55 million tokens will be reserved by the company itself.

Initial Coin Offering

The ICO period of will last from  7 December to 4 January 2018.The price of the token will vary during various dates of the ICO based on the tier based system. Any unsold coins will be burnt upon the completion of the investment round. Users may purchase tokens primarily through ETH, however, the use of Bitcoin or Fiat currency may also be used upon request. 20% of the total investment received will be allocated to licensing, furthermore 23% of the budget will be given to acquisitions and IP’s. 18% of the ICO investments will be reserved for liquidity preferences, whereas a combined share of 12% will be allocated to venture funds, legal audits, and advisories. 20% of the budget is allocated to the execution of operations whereas the remaining 7% is spent on the development of the platform and combined technologies of the company.

Roadmap has provided a comprehensive plan of the intended developments to take place within the year after the completion of their ICO in January 2018. In December 2017, simultaneous to the ICO launch, the company will adopt Primus Capital UK which will ease the adoption of applying innovation to wide networks. In January 2018, the company intends to form its liquidity pool. After 3 months, in April of 2018, the exchange is intended to be launched. In the third quarter of 2018, the company intends to integrate its platform to Primus capital markets. After a successful integration, in the December of 2018, will offer its IPO, registering itself as a public trading company

Advantages of the Platform

Trade io presents several advantages for it to be considered as the optimal online trading platform. One of the primary advantages is its implementation of blockchain technology, which forms an irremovable digital receipt of every transaction on the platform, enhancing its transparency to every user. Furthermore, the e-wallet will allow the user to safely store not only TIO coins but also other fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. The multi-asset trading platform of a revolutionary peer to peer trading, unifying transaction process for both institutions and individuals. Finally, the liquidity pool allows the creation of several transparent revenue streams for margin financing and transactional proceeds.


The value of is dependant upon its networking capabilities over time. Hence this unified trading platform will prove to provide a greater return on investments as time passes. If in need of more information on the company, please visit the links below

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