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AMLT: The Token Of Compliance by Coinfirm


About Confirm

Confirm is a regulatory technology firm which focuses on the implementation of AML/CTF methods for blockchain on a global scale. To enhance its credibility, the company is a combination of members from AML, compliance, blockchain and anti-fraud industries making a coherent mixture for successful operations, where this mixture of clients and partners range from Dash to SEI

AMLT General Information

For cryptocurrency transactions on its online network, Confirm has engineered the AMLT token which upon launch will primarily be used to access the rights of the online confirm platform and purchase transactions of prepaid products. The members of the Confirm online network will receive shares of AMLT for the provision of information and ratings of specific addresses allowing a potential stream of income for users willing to participate. AMLT allows the participants of its online platform to receive constant updates regarding the risk attached to virtual currencies, this does not only develop consumer trust but also increases efficiency and effectiveness of all transactions leading towards a democratization of the crypto- financial market. This goal will also be met by the identification of good and bad members of the network without excluding members from sanctioned countries through unfair means. Since the Confirm platform is integrated with its corresponding blockchain network, this provides transparency in all transactions performed on the AMLT platform achieving the goal of a safer and connected online financial system. Through these features Confirm aims to achieve a globally transparent, efficient and safer platform for all transactions

AMLT Token Information

The AMLT token is based on the Ethereum blockchain network and bounded by the Ethereum ERC20 smart contract. Confirm has planned to generate a total of 400 million tokens, a large portion, 210 million AMLT tokens, will be available for sale on its first Initial coin offering. Furthermore, a significant fraction of 120 million tokens from the total amount is allocated for data rewards given to members of the network. This token reward will be distributed on a monthly basis by the company via the smart contract. Forty million AMLT tokens are reserved for the founding team members and 4% of the total tokens are given to the developing team. The advisors of Confirm are allocated with 2% of the AMLT tokens generated. Confirm has decided to reserve a total of 1.5% of 400,000,000 AMLT for charity and rewards collectively.


Confirm has identified the institutions that hinder the mass adoption of blockchain technology which includes regulatory compliances including Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing. AMLT will provide access to a transparent and secure blockchain economy targeting all hedge funds, traditional banks, cryptocurrency exchanges and everyday cryptocurrency users. Unlike many other cryptocurrency firms, Confirm has enhanced its security methods by the provisioning access to reports and data for AML compliance purposes. Confirm has also accomplished to build a transparent and democratized financial network through sharing data to every user in an anonymous manner. AMLT has allowed users to form a new era of finance through the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Through this trend and its superior algorithms, it has created a mutually beneficial blockchain ecosystem that improves and automates process within its platform to deliver rewards to the members of the network, hence creating a new global standard


Confirm has taken an unconventional and unique approach to describing its future activities. The company has divided its operations into three periods. In the first period, the company aims to provide transparent and secured solutions to its virtual network of cryptocurrency platform. In the second stage, Coinfirm will allow AMLT to be exchanged for AML risk reports simultaneously provided with a significant discount. In the final stage of its roadmap, Confirm will integrate the AMLT wallet to its platform through which users can store and transact cryptocurrencies seamlessly via the online platform.This will be predeceased by a user identification and verification process through which platform users will be given the ability to exchange information for participating in the distribution of the tokens


Confirm has launched its global services in many significant countries of the world including USA, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Poland, Argentina, Singapore, Japan and many more. Furthermore, the credibility of the company is confirmed as Confirm has been covered by highly recognized institutions such as Forbes and NASDAQ, hence proving it to be a viable and safe investment with early ROIs.

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