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Crypterium - Digital Cryptobank with Credit Token & Open Platform

General Information

In the past year, the amount of digital transactions globally has grown 11.2% to reach a total of  USD 433 Billion. This is also applicable to the cryptocurrency world where its total value is now on the verge to reach 10% of the world GDP. To provide cryptocurrencies to the everyday user, Crypterium has initiated its crypto banking services to satisfy the growing and already existing market of 3 million people worldwide


As a crypto bank Crypterium provides advantages to the average consumer which both private companies and the general market fails to provide. These include mobile payment services for 3rd party companies including plastic cards. The Crypterium network is compatible with all the major payment systems of Asia including MasterCard and American Express enhancing its operational credibility. In inclusion to a wide network, Crypterium provides protocol solutions for secure monetary asset withdrawal from cryptocurrency storages which are not limited to the ERC20 standard token. The company has its own settlement infrastructure to support conversion to from cryptocurrency to fiat money and vice versa for all recipients possessing any cryptocurrencies. Furthermore Crypterium has distinguished itself by developing an open platform with sandbox channel distribution,  allowing developers to build third party solutions which include an fully accessible OpenAPI

Token Sale

For transactions on its online platform, Crypterium has created its own cryptocurrency named CRP token. Users who are in possession of these tokens will be able to use the cryptobank platform. For each transaction made on the platform, a transaction fee of 0.5% will be deducted from the holders account. The ownership of CRP tokens is advantageous to be used for future transaction purposes. With the use of these tokens , Crypterium users can make immediate payments from their wallets on the platform using CRPT. Crypterium also offers a permanent loyalty program for the possession of CRP tokens where the maximum benefit one may receive is through their Platinum package where the user will receive a  50% reward on the possession of 25000+ CRP tokens. The CRP token is bounded by the ERC-20 smart contract, its reliability is further appreciated by its integration to the Ethereum blockchain network. The CRP token will have a fixed token value upon its ICO , valued at 0.0001 BTC and will be available for sale on multiple crypto-exchange platforms including, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp and Kraken. Crypterium has devised a token allocation strategy which covers every important aspect of spending reflected by the following
Tokens available for ICO : 70 %
Allocation to loyalty purpose and marketing  : 15%
Marketing campaign team share : 3%
Share of company advisors : 3%
Allocation to company founders and management : 9%


Crypterium had initiated the authorization for the purchase of CRP tokens on the 31st of October 2017, the commencement of its ICO. As the CRP token was formed within the blockchain and its ICO is automatically executed , CRPT are valid indefinitely along with their ownership to the respective buyers. The ICO of Crypterium will end near 25 January 2018, when the company will allot possession of tokens to its respective buyers however the purchase of CRP tokens will stop 10 days before that date. The authenticity of the ICO process is confirmed by the fact that Crypterium is registered under the laws of the European Union ensuring its transparency and accountability. To alleviate user trust  Crypterium has employed Blockchain Law Group to ensure secure participation in the ICO process.

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I hope that I have satisfied all of your questions regarding the Crypterium (CRP) with the detailed description above, however, if you need more information about this coin, please visit the links below.

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