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«Envion» Most Profitable Self-Expanding Crypto Infrastructure


Since its advent, the energy requirement for sustaining the blockchain network was small and discrete. However, with the exponential growth of the blockchain network, the collective energy required to maintain and mine the servers connected to the blockchain network has grown as well. Envion has a sustainable method through which the energy demand to sustain the blockchain network can be met by renewable energy. The company achieves this target by developing a Mobile Mining Unit(MMU) system which extracts energy from renewable sources on the planet. These systems contain all the hardware required to mine cryptocurrencies, as well as industry 4.0 automation systems and cooling systems which cut down energy consumption to 1% of the total amount which will be based on sea containers. Through this technology, Envion aims to deploy a globally applicable and sustainable solution for the integration of the exponential growth of the blockchain network to its simultaneous renewable energy solutions in a decentralized manner.

ICO information

The Envion(EVN) token, is developed on the ERC-20 smart contract and based on the Ethereum blockchain network. Users who choose to invest in the ICO will receive 100% of their investment in two proprietary steps. Initially, they will be 75% directly, the rest 25% of the invested amount will be re-invested to receive 2 future payments of 35% of the amount via third-party mining operations. The EVN tokens will be distributed during its ICO period spanning 31 days from 15 of December 2017 to 14 of January 2018. The investment round will be offered in every country with the exception of Germany and United States. Envion aims to distribute a total of 150 million tokens during its ICO period. EVN tokens which will not be distributed shall not be generated by the company. The initial price of 1 EVN token is set to 1 USD. EVN tokens may be bought through multiple options including bitcoin, ethereum or credit cards. The investment allocation strategy of Envion allocates 83% of the ICO earnings to its token holders whereas 10% of the investment is reserved for the founding team members of the company. The remaining 5% of the amount will be given to Envoin AG for reserves and 2% will be allocated for the Envion bounty program. In total, the company intends to invest 91% of its monetary resources into its Mobile Mining Units(MMUs) and the remaining 9% to the research and development of its technology and platform.

Envion(EVN) Token Details

Bound by the ERC-20 smart contract and based on the Ethereum blockchain network, Envoin has set a max cap on the generation of its tokens to 150 million. 124,500,000 of these tokens will be offered in the ICO for purchase by the general public. 15,000,000 tokens will be offered to the team whereas the company itself will hold a maximum of 10,500,000 tokens as reserves for future use. The EVN tokens come with voting rights. During the company’s operation, it will take strategic moves for mining, these decisions will be taken with a vote, which every EVN token holder will be given a right to. However, Envion itself possesses the right to veto any decision. This voting procedure will be installed with respect to the ERC-20 smart contract.With the addition of voting rights, the EVN tokens also come with the right to receive dividends from its mining operation. These dividends are calculated on the basis of the profit generated in the mining operation however these profits are not calculated on the basis of the company’s profit and loss statements which contain additional costs unrelated to the current venture.

Envion Operations

The company has divided its business model into two separate parts. The first part consists of its Proprietary Operations (PO) where the company will invest an operate its own MMUs. The total profit from this operation will be distributed to the EVN token holders. Its second part of operations consist of Third Party Operations where Envion is considered as an independent company and investment firm to acquire MMUs, the EVN token holders share 35% of the earnings of this operational sector


Envion is working on a major problem in the cryptocurrency world and therefore seems to be an attractive investment. The company has provided details of its infrastructure and MMU ’s, along with its roadmap and future plans however a significant amount of capital is required for investment in this firm. If further details are required, please visit the links below.

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