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LiveEdu: World's First Project Learning platform for Future Technologies


LiveEdu is project learning platform, decentralized in nature, focused on improving job skills for the labor force in the future. The company will achieve this goal by building the equivalent of YouTube for online education in fields of all, Cybersecurity, game and web development etc.

For transactional purposes, the company has created its own cryptocurrency which not only makes it more independent but also transparent and decentralized


LiveEdu has been operational since 2015 and has been a part of Y-Combinator, a globally respected startup incubator. Since then, the company has been developing its online platform for learning and has now created its cryptocurrency for efficient operations. By the second quarter of 2018, the company aims to create a total of 700 projects and release its app on both iOS and Android platforms. The company will continue its creation of projects in the third quarter along with integrating the LEDU token system to the LiveEdu network. By the last quarter of 2018, LiveEdu will launch its B2B and B2G business models collaborating with both government educational institutions and other businesses. In the beginning of 2019, the company will launch its Chinese language project for the Chinese education market. Following the completion of operations in China, LiveEdu will continue to launch its Portuguese language project for the Brazilian market in the second quarter of 2019. By Q3 of 2019, the company aims to complete the production of 1000 projects on its platform which may be extended until the last quarter of the year

Competitive advantages of LiveEdu

LiveEdu aims to provide intermediate and above level online education through the collaboration with renowned platforms such as Coursera and Udemy. Unlike Lynda or Pluralsight, the LiveEdu learning model is based on projects rather than courses which gives it a competitive advantage. The platform also includes Live Q&A interactivity and complete products, features which are absent on other online educational platforms. The learning content is practical and production level rather than wholly theoretical. Furthermore, the platform has a huge advantage of being decentralized in nature. LiveEdu can create content faster than any of its identified competitors since it has a very low cost of USD 500 per project and can create a single project within a month, unlike its competitors who create projects in 3 months at a cost of USD 50,000+. The education provided on the platform is focused on future technologies and is provided in multiple languages to benefit citizens of every country in the long run. LiveEdu targets intermediate and expert level groups with high flexibility rates.


LiveEdu will have its first investment round from January 15, 2018, till February 10, 2018. Investors can participate in this ICO by purchasing EDU tokens through both Bitcoin and Ethereum, though the EDU token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is bound to the ERC-20 smart contract. The exchange rate is as following where 1 ETH = 3300 EDU and  1 BTC  = 67000 EDU. The total number of EDU tokens will be determined once the ICO period ends which is limited to the hard cap. The minimum investment amount is set to USD 3. LiveEdu has set a soft cap of USD 1,000,000 and a hard cap of USD 10,000,000 where 250 million EDU tokens will be generated. Once the total investment amount reaches the hard cap, the ICO will be closed immediately. In other cases, the token sale will also be closed  48 hours after USD 4 million is raised. Investors will receive a 20% bonus on the first day of the ICO and a 15% bonus on the second day, whereas the last remaining bonus will be on 5%. LiveEdu has a diverse investment allocation strategy according to which 35% of the total funds will go to the team member expansion, 25% of the investment amount is allocated to platform development and server cost. Furthermore, 15% is reserved for the marketing budget, and another 15% of the total investment will be given to the creation of premium projects. The remaining 10% is reserved as overhead costs of the company


LiveEdu is presented as a company with high credibility as it is linked to Y-Combinator and partnering with fortune 500 companies like Microsoft. Furthermore, it is working on a high valued asset of the future, online education, reflected by allocating 1/4th  of its funds to content creation. Therefore I would consider it as an opportunity of high ROI on a long-term basis. If further information is required regarding the platform, please visit the links below.

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