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4NEW claims to be first environmentally friendly, tangible waste to energy power plant which has integrated itself with a blockchain network with the main focus on crypto mining. The company operates on collecting waste and processing it through a high pressured combustion chamber to generate energy and organic byproducts. This free energy supply combined with an on-site crypto mining farm will solve the main problems in the field of cryptocurrency energy consumption. 4NEW is clear on its stance of not being an exchange platform but rather the energy production company.

Token Information

4NEW intends to launch its own cryptocurrency regulated by its blockchain under the ERC20 Ethereum smart contract. The company will offer a total number of 300 million KWATT coins. This number is set to be the hard cap limit for its ICO offerings. Any future growth of 4NEW plant sites will dependant upon the tokens printed during this ICO.Every year the management intends to reinvest 35% of the profits gained through the operations of its blockchain for the future developments of plants to ensure the scalability and longevity of the company and its operational structure. Any coins not sold during the ICO period will be burned and any supply of energy linked to the coin will be released amongst that. At the start of every year, KWATT token holders will be given the option to invest in the desired application of energy based on the number of tokens owned, however, if the token holder does not choose any option, the company will decide on its behalf. The ICO end date is not a hard cap and may be changed by the management of 4NEW. The white paper provided by 4NEW does not constitute any prospectus and is not liable for a solicitation for investment.The tokens printed by 4NEW may only be used on goods by the company. The company has stated that any acquisition of KWATT coins carries a significant financial risk.

Token Distribution

The token distribution strategy decided by 4NEW intends to reserve 67% of the total tokens printed for its founders and other inside members of the company.The remaining 25% will be allocated to other institutions, while 8% will be given to crowdsale and bounties. Upon the investment received at the end of the ICO period, the company has decided to spend 40% of the total funds on blockchain development and the other 40% on working capital. Furthermore, 10% of the funds will be based on plan development and the remaining 10%  will be equally divided among marketing costs and treasury options.


4NEW has been operating with many of its agendas since the October of 2017. Continuing the operations the company aims to purchase 4 new land sites with regulatory licenses in Sheffield, Hertfordshire and New Castle. Furthermore, it intends to develop its own blockchain platform and beta test its KWATT coin with service providers during the first quarter of 2018. In Q2 of 2018, the company aims to install waste to energy plants on all three sites purchased and integrate them with the 4NEW smart meter system. During the third quarter of 2018, the main focus of 4NEW will be on marketing and building community awareness by developing relationships with aggregators with access to the wholesale quantity of waste. By the end of 2018, 4NEW predicts that the waste to energy plans will be complete and fully operational.

KWATT Coin Additional Utility

The KWATT coin provides extra utilities for its token holders. These services include the physical infrastructure of a mining farm which will be on the site of the waste to energy plants. The coin of 4NEW will interact with miners to allow them access to the blockchain to mine any cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, 4NEW will also operate with an additional advantage of a money transfer company which will allow KWATT to be operational as a store of value to transfer funds globally using the KWATT coin. 4NEW includes two licensed operational money transfer companies with a collective money transfer of 25 million USD on a 15-year track record. The company also owns a licensed pharmacy with 24 million USD in sales over a period of 18 years. With the beta testing complete in Q2 of 2018, token holders will be able to purchase medications using its cryptocurrency. Furthermore, 4NEW is also in ownership of its insurance company which already serves 90,000 people, with the integration of its blockchain network, users will be given the option to purchase health insurance with its cryptocurrency.


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