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Cointed has risen from the popularity of Bitcoin in 2014. However the access to bitcoin was still limited in certain geographical regions, hence this company focuses on a global distribution for a wide scale use of cryptocurrency starting with Europe, where it continuing to introduce Bitcoin ATMs, payment systems for retailers regardless of quantity of goods, crypto VISA cards all supported via sustainable energy solutions to make Cointed a “Green” cryptocurrency. The company has achieved its revenue target of more than EUR 100,000,000  since 2014 , via its expansive business model providing a wide variety of products and services

Token Information

To achieve its aim of spreading the global culture of using bitcoin for all transactional purposes, and integrating this seamlessly via their online platform, Cointed has created its own cryptocurrency by the name of Cointed Token(CTD). The price of this coin is fixed to 1 ETH = 1000-1150 CTDs. The Pre ICO period of the token has already ended however the ICO started on 20 November 2017 will last till February 28, 2018. The company aims to print a total of 650 million CTD tokens, with no further tokens being generated. The minimum amount of tokens purchased is 1, simultaneously there is no limit to the maximum amount of tokens an entity can purchase. Due to international trade sanctions, people from United States, China, and Hong Kong will not be able to participate in this ICO, however, all other countries are welcomed too. The CTD token is based on the Ethereum blockchain network and bounded by the ERC-20 Ethereum smart contract for verification purposes

Fund Distribution

Cointed has approached a unique investment distribution strategy by not assigning any one aspect greater importance. With the funds received from its Initial coin offering on February 28, the company aims to spend 30% of the amount on technology development. Another 30% of its funds will be directed towards manpower for the company. The company intends to reserve 25% of its funds for future licensing and partnerships and the remaining 15% of its funds for marketing.


Through the first 4 quarters of 2018, Cointed aims to cover a wide variety of technological development goals. The company aims to expand its ATM network not only in Europe but internationally. These ATMs will be for both mobile and local use for white label products. In the Mining category, the company aims to acquire more servers and leasing a certain amount of them to third parties. Cointed intends to apply for VISA and Mastercard membership as well as introduce the Affiliate system and integrate its Crypto card into the existing system. In the third quarter of 2018, the company aims to introduce its IBAN function for global transactions, develop its existing platform features, apply for an E-money license in Europe, and introduce its Android and iOS app for trading via SMS


The expansive use of bitcoin is not only a necessary step to sustain the value of cryptocurrency in the future but also its ultimate goal, Cointed is achieving this through both service models of its platform and product models through its crypto card and ATM networks.I hope to have given you all the relevant information regarding this cryptocurrency. For further research, please visit the links below.

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