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Coinseed - Spare change investment and portfolio management


In accordance to many of the surveys conducted in the previous year nearly 78% of the Americans are aware of the cryptocurrency market and nearly 35% of the millennials in this demographic are interested in investing in bitcoin or some other cryptocurrencies but lack the financial resources or the technical knowledge to initiate investments or take risks in such a volatile market and this number is growing every day. This is where Coinseed comes in as a platform where it serves this type of customer segment where the user does not require major amounts of money to start investing neither does it need to have the technical expertise of investing in cryptocurrencies. Coinseed creates portfolios of these cryptocurrencies based on an algorithm and statistical analysis to maximize profit. The operational structure is such that a user links his/her credit card to the coinseed platform and every time it makes a purchase , a very small amount in cents is added to their coinseed investing finance portfolio from which the user has the choice to select in which group of cryptocurrencies it would like to invest in, thus the need for investing knowledge is eliminated along with huge finances without the existing pressure to save money for investing. The company is focused on all of the top cryptocurrencies in the market which are highly likely to make huge profits including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin and ZCash, however the firm is adding new and reliable cryptocurrencies each month all of which meet the risks of micro-investments based on market capitalizations, volume traded, volatility in price and circulating supply.

Presale ICO

Although the presale period of this coin has ended it can be taken as an opportunity to analyze the unique operational model and financial structure of Coinseed. Furthermore the presale has provided conclusive proof of support for the idea as the company has gained a total market capitalization of nearly 3 million USD up till now and has neared the date of the ICO launch due to the success of the presale during which 1.5 million of the total 10 million CSD tokens were sold and as the ICO investments were accepted in all of Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin and Dash , Many of the investments at least 10 to 25% bonus on presale purchase of Coinseed tokens indicating significant profit margins.

Initial Coin Offering

Coinseed intends to initiate its initial coin offering on March 20, 2018, for a period of one month lasting till April 20, 2018. Due to this limited amount of time to invest in the ICO of this company it would be considered smart to not delay investments till the last days. Among the total of 10 million CSD tokens printed by the company, a significant fraction of 35% will be allocated for sale in the ICO. The initiation date of the ICO is set in accordance with the dependency on the success in the presale. Collectively the invested amount gained from both the presale and sale period will be used by Coinseed to develop its platform features and expand its operations on a global scale. The company has kept the routes to invest in the ICO wide open in terms of the possible coins used to invest in including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash. It is obvious that the company has selected all reliable sources of investment currency indicating a safe and diverse way for the ICO, furthermore receiving investments from all these cryptocurrencies successfully is part of their main operational model which will be confirmed in the ICO period.

CSD Token Information

Coinseed intends to print a total of 10 million units of its personalized cryptocurrency during the totality of its operations. The low number of the coins printed in comparison to many of the cryptocurrencies on the market that print coins in hundreds of millions of units indicate that one unit of a CSD token will be valued at a much higher price compared to other currencies.The token distribution of Coinseed is crafted in a strategic and diverse manner in which none of the segments involved in undervalued. The presale was allocation 1.5 million CSD tokens. Furthermore, 25% of the total tokens, a total of 2.5 million CSD tokens are allocated to the ICO sale. The management team is given 2 million or 20% of the total tokens, along with the advisory board which is given a decent amount of five hundred thousand tokens. The bounty program is given the same share of tokens as the advisory board and the remaining 20% is allocated to the private investors of the firm. The company promises to distribute half of the revenue from the CSD token sale each month to the token holders. A very innovative step is taken to ensure the security of the platform in which the company will grant 5% of the total tokens to the white hat hackers who succeed in finding the bugs on the platform hence making it more secure and potentially reliable than others. The company has also indicated a detail of its operation which states a service fee of 1% will be deducted from the total amount of conversion of an asset from one portfolio to another. To ensure its security the CSD token will be bound by the ERC 20 smart contract and based on the ethereum blockchain network. The dependency on Ethereum will not only enhance platform security but provide the opportunity for the company to use the existing services of Ethereum development tools, wallets, exchanges and human resource experts.


The operations of Coinseed had started in the September of 2017. After a month of platform development, the company had launched its beta version in October 2017. Although the company has not mentioned specific dates for further development and operations, it has explicitly mentioned its agendas for this year which includes developing the automated bot trading feature to increase the efficiency of the platform at scaling users. Furthermore, it intends to develop and provide insurance services on the user assets with proper management. With the investments gained during the ICO period , Coinseed intends to expand its team and develop a strong legal structure to ensure all operations are under  the supervision of a rule-based system where no contradiction is placed to the political structure of the state its operating in, this is required in times where most of the cryptocurrency community is facing backlashes from governments of the leading countries.


Unlike other cryptocurrency investment companies, Coinseed has balanced the advantages for both its investors, the company itself and the token holders regardless of the hierarchy in the number of tokens held. The company has stated that from the beginning of 1 May 2018, all of the CSD token holders will receive 50% of the revenue gained by the company from the portfolio conversion fees. To such extreme measures is this commitment that estimating that the company makes a total of 5,000,000 USD in portfolio conversion fees, 2,5 million USD will be distributed amongst all the token holders. The company has set a price of 400 CSD Token per ETH which means that the tokens may be bought in bulk and are priced according to the micro-investment strategy for efficient operations by the company.  The company has placed a stable price for the coin as it intends for the CSD token to be listed on major exchange platforms where for high circulating supply and volume traded per day, the coin has to be priced lower to be in reach of all the potential investors in the market. For this to be executed, the company has already established a basis for sustainable term growth for the simultaneous development of products and infrastructure which is supported by a long-term business plan.

Team Structure

The human resource components is one of the best ways to analyze the company's future prospects and in the case of the Coinseed, it proves to be one of its most valuable assets. The management of the team consists of all who have diplomas in a wide range from fields from Physics Mathematics and CS, from the top institutions of the world from MIT and University of Tokyo, which increases reliability in operations and performance as well as trust in the product. The team also has experience and dealing with corporate giants like Uber, Amazon and Snapchat which indicates that they understand the corporate structure and are capable of forming a strong business model. Many of the members have a certified degree in blockchain specialization meaning that they are capable of using blockchain technology to its highest capabilities. The team has also worked on VR cinema proving that they are well aware of the innovation strategies used best in their case for micro-investments.

Coinseed Platform

The Coinseed mobile application platform has been officially launched on both iOS and Android devices as of November 21 2017 and had gained popularity within the first few days of its launch, which was proved by the following statistics that within nearly a week of its official launch the company's app had acquired over 2000 users , half of which were paying for additional services to be used, even in startups for silicon valley, 50% of users registered for premium services is a guarantee for potential success which was in this case used without any paid marketing techniques. The platform itself has two primary features, one of which is passive investing for the purpose of keeping one's portfolio active. Another primary feature is that of active investing by which the user has the option to change its portfolio anytime. However it must be noted that whenever the user converts their portfolio from an existing portfolio, 1% of the total assets acquired will be deducted as a service fee, but if the portfolio contains coins that are mathematically probable to generate profits in the future in a highly likely manner, then 1% sounds like an acceptable amount. Furthermore, the users of the platform are encouraged to make portfolio conversions to maximize profit and rank portfolios according to their expectations and experiences which bonds all users for an objective advantage to form an investing community with self-learning.

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